What will Koda´s Mission look like in the future?

Part of the new shelter will be a Quarantine Kennel-Zone where dogs will wait for their sterilisation and treatment before they can be released to the open space and adoption. 

The dogs will have seperated space where they can spend their day and the time while their kennels get cleaned.

We also want to open a clinic to care about the animals in need and public use. 

The clinic should finance itself through public use and, if possible, also cover the costs of treating animals that do not have an owner.

We already have most of the needed equipment, including an X-Ray, Ultrasonic and many surgical devices.

To provide a safe space and care for the dogs with special needs, a house will be build where we can rehabilitate and treat those in need.

Supply-Runs to the frontline and evacuations

Everywhere in Ukraine are animals in need living on the streets. But especially in the east close the the frontline, animals suffer the most. Soldiers and volunteers doing their best to feed those, but they need food and medical supplies, thats what we want to cover. We will use these trips to evacuate injured and suffering dogs to the shelter. 

The Project Lifesaving-Real Estate was overwhelming and got a lot of attention. To much for a single person. As soon as the new shelter is set up, we will take it back in our hands and continue to build houses for the homeless!

The devastation in the east is horrifying and many citys and villages are fully destroyed. The only thing that still lives there are animals, streetanimals and pets that lost their owners. 

Its impossible to catch an evacuate them all since many are traumatised and scared of people. Our mission is to make sure that those will survive and get their trust in humans back.

We evacuate and rescue animals under dangerous circumstances and escaped death several times. 

Situations are constantly changing and a safe evacuation quickly becomes a dangerous situation, Through your own mistakes or through external influences such as shelling or technical probles.

Volunteering and Vacation

Kodas Mission would not be succesful as it is without the amazing support we got from thousands of people! Donors and Volunteers made it possible to safe hundreds of animals and support other shelters and rescuers. 

We want to give back a little bit of love and experience to you, a container house with sleeping room, bath, kitchen and a cosy fireplace will be build for volunteers and friends. 

We want to share all the love of the dogs with you and maybe you will find your furry soulmate on the journey.


The war in Ukraine will end some day and it will be safe for everyone to travel to us. Our new place will be in Oleksandria. A city located very central in Ukraine. You can do trips to the beautiful nature nearby or visit the Dnepr, or maybe a beach day at the black sea?

You can enjoy the time with the dogs at the shelter or maybe take one or two with you on a little adventure and give them a lovely day outside the shelter!

Sample of a Container-House

Source: https://skycontainer.at/

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