Welcome to Koda´s Mission

We are here to help animals in need.

Rescue and Rehabilitation

We run an animal shelter and animal rescue station in Ukraine to take in and rehabilitate street dogs and animals in need. We provide them with medical care, food, shelter and lots of love and care while we search for suitable adoptive parents.

Spay and Neuter

Sterilization of street dogs is an important part of animal welfare. By intervening in the reproduction of animals, the population is controlled and the suffering of street dogs is reduced. Sterilization also helps prevent the spread of disease and improve animal welfare.


We place rescued dogs and other animals with responsible animal lovers who can provide them with loving homes. Our adoption procedures include careful vetting of potential adopters to ensure animals go into good hands.

Update: We moved to our new Shelter!

Thank you all for making the purchase of the new property possible! We already moved there in the end of march and all dogs are doing good and are healthy. But to make them completely happy, we need to build a wall arround the territory. As soon as the wall is build we can let the dogs run freely without beeing worried that they will run to the village.

The Dodo published our Story

At the End of November in 2022 our feature with TheDodo was published and made Kodas Mission to a Project supported by thousands of people from all over the World. A big thanks to the TheDodo-Team! 

Click on the picture to see the video on YouTube.

Peanuts Story

His life started rough but turned into a fairy tale. His rescue was pure fate and he made our hearts melt from the day we found him. TheDodo told his story better then we could, have a look at their video!

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